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Our Recommendations

Everyone will find something unique that works for their puppy, but we know it can be overwhelming to find where to start. Here we will compile our favorite products as well as basic training tips and more.



We heavily encourage crate training and prefer to use wire crates because of how durable they are. You can also get a crate cover so that your puppy finds it feels like a comfy den.A 30-36in crate will be the perfect size for your pup when they are full grown and to save money you can get one with a crate divider to help with crate training! We also give a crate pad/bed but some puppies may not be able to keep this if they chew it.


Puppy Food

There is so much debate around what food is best for your dogs. We recommend a grain inclusive diet that does not have chicken. We also want our foods to have quality ingredients so all ingredients should say what kind of protein it is. (chicken meal, beef, turkey, etc.) If it just uses the words meat, animal, or bone we do not recommend it! The list of puppy foods we recommend is short, but it grows once your pup moves to adult food.

Blue Buffalo Basics Skin & Stomach Care
Turkey & Potato Recipe Puppy Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food salmon and rice

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food lamb and rice

Purina Pro Plan lamb and rice puppy

Purina Pro Plan lamb and oat puppy

Purina Pro Plan salmon and rice puppy


Toys and Chews

The best way to prevent bad behavior is to give your puppy something to do! We recommend puzzle feeder toys, licky mats, and Kongs for mental stimulation. For chewing we use a few different brands such as Benebone, West Paw, Nylabone, Himalayan bones and others. We DO NOT recommend any sort of raw hide at all.



The more natural the treat the better. Our pups love ice and dehydrate fruits and veggies, but if you want to purchase treats a good rule of thumb is to only purchase things that you can read and understand all the ingredients on. We don't want to give our pups anything overly processed or filled with chemicals.And of course no chicken or raw hides!

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