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About Us


Our Story

In July of 2019, I was on my way to Michigan for my father-in-law's funeral. I got a call, while on the road, that my nearly 19 year old son had passed that afternoon in a car accident. 3 months after my son passed, my corporate America job of 5 years 'laid me off' because I was no longer performing “up to par” despite my many years of previous "stellar reviews". I came home to grieve and then was going to find a new corporate job, but then Covid shut the world down. At the time, my cousin had just had a litter of pups, and well, that’s what led to Lola. Lola brought so much love and light into our household and got us through the very darkest time in our lives. She made us laugh and smile everyday when we otherwise would not have. She helped distract me so I could focus on being a mother to my remaining child. I realized how real puppy therapy is, she gave me a reason to get up everyday and learn to laugh and smile again. I decided I wanted to share that with the world, but when I do something I’m going to do it right to the highest degree possible. So I started on this journey. I went searching for the best lilac studs in the world, invested into this program and the rest is history. 


In order to start our puppies off on the right paw, we begin training and socializing at a young age so they are set up for success in their new homes. We prioritize the health and well-being of each one of our puppies and Dams and follow all appropriate puppy/breeding health protocols. We raise every single puppy as if they are staying with us forever. We don’t breed our females more than once in a 12 month period. Regardless of controversial opinions, it’s not for us. Everyone of our dogs AND PUPPIES are genetically health tested and we pass that test on to you with you puppy. 

The goal is to always make each litter healthier and better than the last, while never sacrificing the health of our Mamas. 

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